Apple Barrel Orchards
Penn Yan, NY

2018 U-Pick schedule  (these are estimated dates)

It is always a good idea to call ahead if you are traveling a long distance.

This years crop is beautiful. Mother Nature was on our side!

To save money bring your own containers for picking.  We have bags, boxes and baskets available for purchase.

For faster service at check out consider bringing cash or a check.  Credit card processing takes longer.

Gala                     Now - ?                                             UPick apples - 60 cents a pound

McIntosh             Now - ?                                              ( a bushel weighes about 42 pounds and a half bushel

                                                                                        weighes about 21 pounds )

Empire                 Now -?

Jonagold             Now -?

Red Delicious     Now -?

Golden Delicious  Now -?

Northern Spy        Now -?

We love our pets but pets are not allowed in or near our store, orchards or vineyards. Please ask if you need a spot for your pet.   This is for health and safety reasons that we follow for GAP( good agricultural practices) and USDA.  Thank you.